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Simple Online Booking System

Designed with your Aerial Tour business in mind. We specialize in online bookings for Aerial Tours.

30-day FREE trial - no credit card needed

Industry Specific Features

Since we specialize in Aerial Tours, we are able to provide features specifc to your needs.

  • Low transaction fee of 1.9% + .25 cents
  • Social media group invites
  • Built for mobile bookings

Simple to use booking calendar

Give your guests a simple to use booking tool, and let them manage their online bookings.

  • Easily book tours using a mobile device
  • Upsell additional products and services
  • Invite friends to join the tour group

Handle weather delays using Rainchecks

Raincheck can be issued on bad weather days, and guests can reschedule their tour online.

  • Reduced workload for your staff
  • Give guests peace-of-mind
  • Rainchecks can be transferable

Affordable Pricing

30 day free trial then just 1.9% + 25 cent transaction fee.

1.9% + .25 cents

*per transaction including credit card fee
  • Quality user interface
  • Secure servers
  • 24x7 support
  • Lifetime updates

Call For Pricing

*billed each month
  • Quality user interface
  • Secure servers
  • 24x7 support
  • Lifetime updates

Advantage of using our booking service.

Simple online booking system designed specifically for the Aerial Tour industry, along with a low transaction fee of 1.9%.
Designed for mobile devices

With 90 percent of guests booking online using their mobile phones, the Aerial Tour Booking system is designed specifically for mobile devices.

Simple booking management system

Easily train your staff to manage bookings as well other online sales.

Check-in guests using Smartwaiver

Fully compatible with the Smartwaiver API. Seamless guest check-in and waiver completion.

Browser compatibility

Functional on all browser types. Including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Connect Google Analytics

Track conversions and user data on Google Analytics, and generate better insights into your marketing funnel.

Custom Storefront

Customize your storefront to match your brand.

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Learn how Aerial Tour Bookings can benefit your business.

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